Chapter Officers

officer Cassie Jevic

Cassie Jevic


officer Jordan Palmer

Jordan Palmer

Vice President Chapter Wellness

officer Hayley Hodge

Hayley Hodge

Vice President New Member Development

officer Ashton Mason

Ashton Mason

Vice President Academic Affairs

officer Kaycie Spindor

Kaycie Spindor

Vice President Marketing

officer Alex Meekins

Alex Meekins

Vice President Recruitment

officer Jamie Carpenter

Jamie Carpenter

Vice President Community Affairs

officer Sienna Antoniolli

Sienna Antoniolli

Vice President Event Planning

officer Kennedi Sloan

Kennedi Sloan

Vice President Finance

officer Kali Parker

Kali Parker

Vice President Programming

officer Torey Crosswhite

Torey Crosswhite

Vice President Programming

officer Becca Sue Morris

Becca Sue Morris

Director of Ritual

officer Megan Galvin

Megan Galvin

Director of Sisterhood

officer Jamie Potter

Jamie Potter

Director of Membership

officer Madison Meredth

Madison Meredth

Assistant Recruitment Director

officer JaLeigh Wise

JaLeigh Wise

Director of Communication

officer Samantha Holcomb

Samantha Holcomb

Director of Chapter History

officer Natalie Collins

Natalie Collins

Director of Property

officer Natalie Oud

Natalie Oud

Assistant Finance Director

officer Chynna Zuniga

Chynna Zuniga

Director of New Member Programs

officer Carli Cavnar

Carli Cavnar

Director of New Member Engagement

officer Kendall Huie

Kendall Huie

Director of Sophomore Programming

officer Stephanie Clement

Stephanie Clement

Director of Junior Proramming

officer Madeline Higgs

Madeline Higgs

Director of Academic Achievement

officer Lauren Gibson

Lauren Gibson

Director of Academic Enrichment

officer Alejandra Moreno

Alejandra Moreno

Director of Social Events

officer Avery Sims

Avery Sims

Director of Social Media

officer Jasmine Munchow

Jasmine Munchow

Director of Leadership

officer Brooke Williams

Brooke Williams

Director of Philanthropy

officer Clare McNiel

Clare McNiel

Director of Community Service

officer Chelsea Turner

Chelsea Turner

Director of Activities

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